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We are Aphria Inc.

Our Mission

To be the premier global cannabis company through an unrelenting commitment to our people, the planet, product quality, and innovation.

Our Vision

Aphria Inc.’s vision is to be the best performing cannabis company globally, providing investors with access to the most accretive cannabis opportunities around the world.

Our Values

Our commitment to our people, the planet, product quality and innovation helps us create stronger, healthier communities everywhere we do business.

Our Story

Aphria Inc. was founded in 2013 with a vision to produce high-quality cannabis in the most natural growing conditions.

We saw a future in cannabis and decided to apply more than 60 years of commercial agriculture and greenhouse expertise to grow a few medical cannabis plants.

Those initial plants grew into a few million, and we have since become a premier global cannabis company.

With a focus on sustainability, our state-of-the-art greenhouses and cultivation operations, processing and distribution facilities and first-class laboratories make Aphria one of the world’s leading fully-integrated cannabis companies.

Our Team

Irwin D. Simon

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Meiers

Chief Operating Officer, Aphria Leamington

Carl Merton

Chief Financial Officer

Christelle Gedeon

Chief Legal Officer

Tamara Macgregor

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Denise Faltischek

Chief Strategy Officer

Randy Daigneau

Sr. Vice President, Supply Chain

Bernard Yeung

Sr. Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Hendrik Knopp

Managing Director, Aphria Germany


At Aphria Inc., we strongly believe that effective governance is essential to our long-term growth and success as a publicly traded cannabis company with partnerships and investments around the world. Our Board of Directors is focused on promoting a strong culture of integrity and ethical behaviour throughout the organization.

The Board of Directors equally serves as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders and provides oversight of management in the conduct of Aphria’s business. The obligations of the Board of Directors and of Aphria Inc.’s management are codified in the documents available in this section and reinforced regularly at all levels of the Company.

Board of Directors

Irwin Simon

Chair of the Board of Directors

John M. Herhalt

Chair of the Audit Committee, Independent Director

Renah Persofsky, ICD.D

Vice-Chair (Lead Director) and Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee, Independent Director

Jodi Butts

Nominating & Governance Committee Member, Independent Director

David Hopkinson

Nominating and Governance Committee & Compensation Committee Member, Independent Director

Tom Looney

Audit Committee & Compensation Committee Member, Independent Director

Walter Robb

Chair of the Compensation Committee & Audit Committee Member, Independent Director