We appreciate your patience as we find the right words to share during such a pivotal time in history.
No one could have anticipated all that 2020 has brought.
We are living through a pandemic, a revolution, a social renaissance.
And we’ve all been impacted differently over the past three months. But from what I have witnessed, I am awestruck at how agile, resilient and deeply considerate you have been during this distressing, unstable and uneasy time.
Your agility is respected.
Your resilience is admirable.
Your genuine concern for others is truly honourable.
Change is about looking inward and recognizing opportunities to be better, to be more supportive, to be more united. We’ve seen that come to fruition from the onset of the pandemic and continue to see it come to life and take new shape on a daily basis as more important issues rise to the forefront.
As a purpose driven company, Aphria Inc. takes great pride in leading with our values, which are rooted in driving real action and change in the industry and beyond. We take our responsibility as leaders to heart and infuse that sentiment into every decision we make.
As a global business leader, we are watching and listening. We are committed to speaking out and standing up against racial injustice and discrimination, while supporting and empowering our employees and communities everywhere we operate. 
No country is immune to racism. We recognize the need to become true allies, to help advocate, to listen with the intent to understand and to show support in our own backyards.

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and are preparing to take action to champion the advancement of inclusion and diversity – both within the walls of our company and externally.
To show our solidarity and support in the short term, we’ve paused all activity on social media until further notice. 
We have started conversations internally about how we can help drive systematic change in countries we operate in, and within our business. We want to be thoughtful and purposeful with our actions to help eradicate racism.
We value education and know that it is a fundamental part of how we’ll carve out a brighter and more inclusive future for all.
We’re looking at how we can provide actionable support to organizations that are educating about the importance of inclusivity and are working to break stigmas.  
We’re taking a close look at our hiring and recruitment processes to assure we are consistently delivering on our goal of continuing to build a truly remarkable team, which involves great consideration and action taken to ensure they are diverse and inclusive.
Additionally, policies are being developed that will include the launch of an enhanced diversity and inclusion training across the company, as well as mandate that all suppliers and partners agree to sign a future diversity and inclusion charter.

We will not conduct business with those who are not compliant.
We understand that this impacts everyone differently. No matter what, our priority is ensuring you have the support you need.
As we navigate through these trying times, I want you to know that the company and myself strongly believe in helping change behaviours and in supporting the organizations that are taking action and making a real difference in our country and beyond.
Resiliency and passion make our team distinct from the rest, and I know we’ll become even stronger mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, leaders, colleagues, friends and allies as WE help to drive real, lasting transformation.
– Irwin D. Simon, CEO Aphria Inc.