A greenhouse that resembles a bunker: in Neumünster in Schleswig-Holstein, medical cannabis will be produced for the state in a well-secured greenhouse. The requirements are very high.

14,000 tonnes of reinforced concrete, 400 built-in cameras, NATO wire and a drone defense concept – “We work in a vault,” says Hendrik Knopp, Managing Director of Aphria Germany. What Knopp describes is a future high-security greenhouse that grows cannabis for the state. The company is the first licensed producer of the hemp plant in Germany.

The production plant now has topping-out ceremony. From summer 2020, the first plants will be grown in the bunker. The harvest is expected in autumn.

The greenhouse with its 24 centimeter thick reinforced concrete walls is located in a commercial area in the south of Neumünster in Schleswig-Holstein. The conditions for a permit were very high. Thus, the bunker could withstand an attack with the heaviest device for two hours.

High demand for medical cannabis

The demand for medical cannabis is increasing in Germany. Knopp reports that 50,000 to 60,000 patients currently use cannabis therapy. The demand can only partially cover the company. The lack of supply is covered by imports. But in the greenhouse there is still enough space to expand the cultivation.

The Ministry of Health will buy a ton of flowers from the cannabis producer in Neumünster – provided that they have the contractually agreed active ingredient content. Otherwise, the harvest must be destroyed.

Originally found at tagesschau.de