Ferocious, Fiery, and Mostly Female: Meet Aphria’s C-Suite

Ferocious, Fiery, and Mostly Female: Meet Aphria’s C-Suite

By Irwin Simon, CEO of Aphria Inc.

I think it goes without saying there is a lack of women in positions of power – across multiple different functions, all over the world – whether it’s in politics, or at corporations large and small. The gender leadership gap is entirely pervasive worldwide, and it needs to be addressed. At Aphria Inc., we are obviously aware of this, but it certainly doesn’t reflect our leadership team. Ahead of International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate, and rejoice in the success of the unflappable female leaders that make up our C-Suite.

Let’s take a moment to discuss what women are up against:

A recent study led by LEAN IN found that in 279 companies, representing 13 million employees, women represent just 23% of C-Suite occupants (direct reports to the CEO) and senior vice presidents, 29% of the vice presidents and 34% of those at the senior manager and director levels.

Now, in 2020, we are starting to see some change, or at least some measures of goodwill put in place. Last month, Goldman Sachs revealed they would no longer take companies public if they had all male boards. Though this is a solid step forward, there’s a lot of work left to do with respect to addressing the gender leadership gap in the corporate world, and beyond.

Now, we paint a bleak picture here, but it’s most certainly not one drawn with an Aphria brush. In 2019, plans were laid out – and our aim – for Aphria Inc.’s C-Suite, and Board of Directors to be comprised of 30% females by 2021. Where are we at currently? Well, our C-Suite is comprised of more females than males 4 out of 7 to be exact – and we are proud to say we met our Board of Director goal (doubling representation) in November of 2019, two years ahead of time.  To be colloquial, and to steal an adage from hockey, we have more bench strength than the Canadian Olympic Hockey Team (Women’s or Men’s). See for yourself:

Denise Faltischek, Chief Strategy Officer of Aphria Inc.

Ferocious, Fiery, and Mostly Female: Meet Aphria’s C-Suite

As Chief Strategy Officer, Denise oversees Aphria’s global strategy as the company scales its operations internationally and explores opportunities in the United States.  She also manages Aphria’s medical division and international business segments, as well as the quality function.

Dr. Christelle Gedeon, Chief Legal Officer of Aphria Inc.

Ferocious, Fiery, and Mostly Female: Meet Aphria’s C-Suite

Christelle oversees the legal function and plays an active role in navigating the international approval and licensing regime for each of the Aphria Inc.’s 10 subsidiaries spanning worldwide. Domestically, she also supports the numerous private and public mergers and acquisitions of the company.

Tamara Macgregor, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of Aphria Inc.

Ferocious, Fiery, and Mostly Female: Meet Aphria’s C-Suite

As the leader of the corporate affairs team, Tamara spearheads global corporate communications, brand PR, public affairs and corporate social responsibility. Tamara has been instrumental in the development of Aphria Inc.’s education and sustainability platforms, Aphria Educates and Plant Positivity.

Megan McCrae, Chief Marketing Officer of Aphria Inc.

Ferocious, Fiery, and Mostly Female: Meet Aphria’s C-Suite

Megan leads the marketing function at Aphria Inc. covering all aspects of brand, portfolio, and marketing, and innovation strategy across the recreational, and health & wellness verticals. She was responsible for developing Aphria Inc.’s recreational cannabis strategy, including the development and launch of the company’s portfolio of adult-use brands.

On this International Women’s Day, it’s time for us to reflect about the work ahead to address the gender leadership gap, but at Aphria Inc., it’s also time for us to celebrate the intelligent, intrepid, indomitable female leaders that make up nearly 60% of our C-Suite.