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Aphria Inc. connects innovation and cannabis.

We're driving the evolution of the cannabis industry

Tomorrow’s cannabis products will revolutionize the way our patients and consumers integrate cannabis into their lives. Aphria Inc. is bringing breakthrough innovation to the global cannabis market through a focus on untapped opportunities, backed by the latest technologies.
Our industry-leading proprietary automation of our production facilities will ensure Aphria Inc. maintains its competitive advantage as the leading low-cost producer, enabling our laser-focus on product and brand innovation.
Our tireless focus on innovation will ensure we’re driving the evolution of the cannabis industry for years to come.

Strategic Partners

QuickStrip™ Oral Fast-Dissolving Delivery System

RDT’s innovative QuickStrip™ is an easy-to-use, safe and effective oral fast-dissolving drug delivery system, developed in conjunction with McMaster University through the renowned Adronov Research Group, providing accurate dosing and potency. Aphria Inc. holds the exclusive global preferred rights to license, manufacture, distribute and sell RDT’s QuickStrip™ innovative, proprietary delivery technology for both medical and adult-use cannabis markets.

Transdermal Patches

The Manna cannabis transdermal patch has been developed by pharmaceutical scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology using state-of-the-art product design and research methods. It works for all cannabinoids and is designed to work with high-quality, whole-plant cannabis extracts, which are printed on each patch with pharmaceutical quality. Each patch is latex- and allergen-free and delivers the dose automatically through the skin over the course of 12 hours. Aphria Inc. holds a worldwide license agreement to produce and sell the patches containing cannabis oils for its established suite of medical and adult-use brands.

Market-Disrupting Brands & Products

Powered by Aphria Inc.’s best-in-class cannabis production and Perennial’s industry-leading expertise in strategic brand development, this partnership focuses on creating highly differentiated, market-disrupting brands and products that deliver adult-use consumers a unique and targeted cannabis experience.

Research Partners


Aphria Inc. is supplying Tetra BioPharma with dried flower and cannabis oil products with which they are performing clinical trials.


Aphria Inc is producing and supplying high-yield cannabis extracts for Medlab to be used in a human trial of their NanoCelle mucosal spray to test the management of intractable pain in oncology patients – the first trial of its kind globally.


Aphria Inc. is supplying cannabis oil to CannPal for use in clinical studies related to animal health, including chronic pain in cats and dogs.


Through its Argentina-based subsidiary, ABP, S.A., Aphria Inc.’s is supplying its renowned Rideau CBD oil to Hospital de Pediatria Garrahan, a leading pediatric hospital located in Buenos Aires, for use in a clinical study focused on treating refractory epilepsy in children.