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Investing in Aphria Inc.

Since 2013, we have built the foundation for a leading global company, with cultivation, manufacturing, research and distribution infrastructure, as well as strategic investments and alliances to scale around the world.

Aphria's strong momentum, outlook and options as a premier global cannabis company promise significant long-term value for shareholders.


Learn everything you need to start your investment with us today.

A printed version of the Company’s financial statements is available upon request. Please email Aphria Inc. Investor Relations at to request a free copy.

Financial Reports & Disclosures

Q1 FY20 Financial Statements

Q1 FY20 MD&A

Annual Report

Notice of Meeting and Management Information Circular

Form of Proxy

Q4 FY19 Financial Statements

Q4 FY19 MD&A


Q3 FY19 Financial Statements

Q3 FY19 MD&A

Q2 FY19 Financial Statements

Q2 FY19 MD&A

Q1 FY19 Financial Statements

Q1 FY19 MD&A

Annual Report

Management Information Circular

Q4 FY18 Financial Statements

Q4 2018 MD&A

Q3 FY18 Financial Statements

Q3 FY18 MD&A

Q2 FY18 Financial Statements

Q2 FY18 MD&A

Q1 FY18 Financial Statements

Q1 FY18 MD&A

Annual Report

Management Information Circular

Q4 FY17 Financial Statements

Q4 FY17 MD&A

Q3 FY17 Financial Statements

Q3 FY17 MD&A

Q2 FY17 Financial Statements

Q2 FY17 MD&A

Q1 FY17 Financial Statements

Q1 FY17 MD&A

Annual Report

Management Information Circular

Q4 FY16 Financial Statements

Q4 FY16 MD&A

Q3 FY16 MD&A

Q2 FY16 Financial Statements

Q2 FY16 MD&A

Q1 FY16 Financial Statements

Q1 FY16 MD&A

Annual Report

Management Information Circular

Q4 FY15 Financial Statements

Q4 FY15 MD&A

Q3 FY15 Financial Statements

Q3 FY15 MD&A

Q2 FY15 Financial Statements


Investor Presentation

To request printed copies of our disclosure information please either call 1-844-427-4742 or email

Upcoming Events

SEDAR Documents

To view press releases, please click here.

Q1 FY20 MD&A


Q1 FY20 Interim Consolidated Financial Statements


Other material contracts - English


Notice of the meeting and record date - English


Decision Document (Preliminary)


Preliminary Short Form Prospectus - English


Qualification Certificate


FY19 - 52-109F1 - Certification of Annual Filings - CEO (E)


FY19 - 52-109F1 - Certification of Annual Filings - CFO (E)


AB Form 13-501F1 (Class 1 and 3B Reporting Issuers - Participation Fee)


FY 19 Annual Information Form - English


MD&A - English


ON Form 13-502F1 (Class 1 and 3B Reporting Issuers - Participation Fee)


FY 19 Audited Annual Financial Statements - English


Material Change Report - English


Documents affecting rights of securityholders - Trust indentures re debt


Other Securityholders Documents - English


Report of Exempt Distribution Excluding Schedule 1 of 45-106F1


Material Change Report - English


Q3 FY19 52-109F2 - Certification of Interim Filings - CEO (E)


Q3 FY19 52-109F2 - Certification of Interim Filings - CFO (E)


Q3 FY19 Interim Financial Statements - English


Q3 FY19 MD&A - English


Notice of Change or Variation - English


Notice of Change or Variation - French


Analyst Coverage

BMO Capital Markets

Tamy Chen

Bryan Garnier & Co.

Nikolaas Faes

Canaccord Genuity

Matt Bottomley

CIBC Capital Markets

John Zamparo

Cormark Securities

Jesse Pytlak

GMP Securities Inc.

Justin Keywood

Haywood Securities

Neal Gilmer

P I Financial

Jason Zandberg


Ben Isaacson

Seaport Global Securities

Brett Hundley

VIII Capital

Graeme Kreindler

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Q1 Fiscal 2020 Earnings Call

Aphria Inc. to announce first quarter fiscal 2020 financial results

October 15, 2019

View Details

Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo

Jonathan Small from Green Entrepreneur will be 'In Conversation' with our Interim CEO, Irwin D. Simon, to hear his views on transforming Aphria Inc. into a consumer packaged goods company, its rapidly expanding international operations, and the importance of being a good corporate citizen.

September 27, 2019

View Details

3CM Women, CBD & Medical Cannabis Conference

Featured Speaker: Christelle Gedeon, Chief Legal Officer, Aphria Inc.

May 18, 2019

View Details

Cowen Toronto Cannabis Summit

Aphria Inc. management will participate.

May 22, 2019

View Details

Corporate Information

Corporate Governance Documents

Mandate of the Board of Directors

Mandate of the Chair of Board

Mandate of the Lead Director

Charter of the Audit Committee

Mandate of the Chair of the Audit Committee

Charter of the Compensation Committee

Mandate of the Chair of the Compensation Committee

Charter of the Nominating and Governance Committee

Mandate of the Chair of the Nominating and Governance Committee

By-Laws and Advance Notice Policy

Majority Voting Policy

Certificate and Articles of Amalgamation

Code of Conduct and Ethics

Corporate Disclosure Policy

Whistleblower Policy

To make investing in us as easy as possible, please find our specific investment details below.

Common Share Listings

Toronto Stock Exchange (primary) & New York Stock Exchange

Trading Symbol


Shares Outstanding


Free Float


Transfer Agent

Computershare Trust Company of Canada.
100 University Ave, 8th Floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5J 2Y1


PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP

Head Office Address

PO Box 20009 269 Erie St South
Leamington, Ontario, Canada N8H 3C4

CUSIP Number






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Aphria Inc. is traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the trading symbol “APHA”. Individuals interested in buying or selling Aphria’s shares should contact their financial institution or investment advisor.

Aphria Inc.’s fiscal year starts on June 1st and ends on May 31st

  • Q1: June 1st to August 31st
  • Q2: September 1st to November 30th
  • Q3: December 1st to February 28th/29th
  • Q4: March 1st to May 31st

Quarterly and year-end financial reports can be accessed on our investors webpage in the financial filings section. You may also view these reports, along with other statutory filings, through (Can) or (U.S).

Computershare Trust Company of Canada is Aphria Inc.’s transfer agent. They can be contacted at: Computershare Trust Company of Canada 100 University Ave, 8th Floor Toronto, ON M5J 2Y1 Phone: 1-888-453-0330

The Transfer Agent can help investors change details concerning the ownership of their shares including registering a name change or a change of address. They can also help if the original share certificate is lost.

Aphria’s auditor is Price Waterhouse Coopers.

You can join our investor email list for corporate updates by following this link and clicking the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page. After completing all the required fields, you will be sent a confirmation email in your inbox. You can also keep informed of company and industry development by following our social media outlets: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube.