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Bringing the power of plants to everyone

Plant Positivity is a platform designed to champion plants and their benefits to improve our collective well-being.

Plants Make a Difference

With a vision of social impact for communities and individuals, we’re providing people with better access to plants and leading education on the role plants can play in improving everyday well-being.

Plant Education

Plants can teach us a lot about how to live better as individuals and in communities. By creating opportunities to learn about plants and plant care, we will spread and grow that knowledge.

Plant Access

From healing properties to cleaning the air to our shared green spaces, the power of plants to enrich society is evident. That’s why, with our partners, we’re helping more people access and explore the benefits of plants.

Plant Impact

Plants help us live and perform better, physically, emotionally, and socially. To drive our impact we’re making plants and green spaces more accessible and better understood for people everywhere.

Our Partnerships

Plant Positivity & Evergreen

Evergreen is a national not-for-profit dedicated to making cities flourish. Plant Positivity and Evergreen share a commitment to create access to green spaces for communities that champion the incredible power that plants have and enable people to drive real impact.

The Plant Positivity Podcast

Aphria Inc. and Evergreen present a self-guided audio tour through the Plant Positivity Gardens at Evergreen Brick Works.


Join Isaac Crosby, Lead Hand in Urban Agriculture, as he walks you through the six gardens, sharing how Aphria Inc. helps to bring the power of plants into your daily lives.



A garden grown as a gentle reminder of our delicate and vital bond to the natural world.



A garden to inspire an appreciation of plants for their many stages of growth, beyond the bloom.



A garden celebrating the plants that soothe and mend your body.



A garden to nurture your senses, including the “sense of self.”



A garden designed to show how plants sustain and nourish themselves, our Earth, and you.



A garden for sharing the good company of plants and people.


Keep an Ear to the Ground

Our community is an easy way to keep informed and engaged with the ongoing story of how plants are making our lives better, everyday. We’ll keep you in the loop about our events and the causes we’re most excited about, and share opportunities to get you involved.

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